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Are Gouldians Really That Difficult to Keep?


Learn how to pair your birds for best genetic outcome, bring them into condition, and produce healthy chicks.


In the aviary, there is NOTHING more important than NUTRITION. Get the nutrition right and you'll see very few issues in the aviary.

Feather Tweaking

Learn to observe, identify and treat a wide variety of health issues to keep your flock happy, healthy & prolific.  Diagnostics and Microscopy

Meadowlark Farms is a small aviary specializing in Gouldian & exotic finch health, nutrition and education. We have dedicated our lives to the research of these small birds. 

Our goal, always, is to raise happy, healthy and  prolific birds while expanding our knowledge and expertise. We then  bring our research results to you in the form of new products, articles & social media posts.

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Housing & Husbandry

Articles regarding just about everything you need to know about housing your current and "new" birds.

Health & Hygiene

How to keep your birds happy & healthy by utilizing good animal husbandry practices. 

Nutrition for Success

Learn about your bird's nutritional needs, what is healthy for them and what is not.

Breeding Hints & Tips

Learn how successful breeders keep happy, healthy and prolific lady gouldians & exotic finches. Learn which breeding accessories to choose.

Potential Issues in the Aviary

While you may never see issues in your aviary, you should be aware of the possibilities and what to look for. 


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