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Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. is a small aviary specializing in Gouldian and Exotic Finch health, nutrition & education. We've dedicated our lives to the research of these small birds. 

We are located in Southeast Michigan. For safety reasons, our address & phone number are only available to our web store customers and upon request to those who've purchased from us at Fairs & Shows.

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Please be advised, we are not Avian Veterinarians.  We cannot and will not diagnose your bird via Internet or email, nor will we recommend medications.  While we know there are others who do so, WE will not guess - guessing is irresponsible and unethical. The wrong treatment can make matters worse or even kill your bird. If you suspect your bird is sick, take it to your Avian Veterinarian immediately for diagnosis & treatment.

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Articles, information, photographs & product descriptions included on this site & associated social media pages are shared from our personal collections & experience gained during our 20+ years of extensive research. Information found here should be used as reference material only.


We cannot and will not diagnose your bird via internet or email. Doing so is not only unethical, it is dangerous. If you suspect your bird is sick or injured, get it to an Avian Veterinarian right away. Your quick action could save their lives.

We cannot help you with products you’ve purchased elsewhere. If you have questions about a product you purchased elsewhere, please contact the seller.

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