Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's Wrong With My Bird?

A. Unfortunately, without physically taking your bird in hand, taking blood & fecal samples, and running lab tests, there is NO way for us or anyone else to tell you what's wrong with your bird. We cannot and will not guess. Guessing is not only unethical, it's dangerous. If you suspect your bird is sick, take it to your Avian Veterinarian immediately!

Q. Why Won't You Diagnose My Bird?

A. Again, without physically taking your bird in hand, taking blood & fecal samples, and running lab tests, there is NO way for us or anyone else to diagnose your bird. We are not  Veterinarians. Unlike some others, we will not make up an illness just to sell a product.

Q. How Should I Treat My Sick Bird?

A. You should NEVER treat a sick bird with any kind of medication without first knowing the exact reason the bird is sick. The ONLY way to do that is to take your bird to your Avian Veterinarian for lab tests. We cannot and will not even suggest medications without knowing what is actually wrong. Again, if you suspect your bird is sick, don't guess. Take it to your Avian Veterinarian immediately.

Q. You Helped My Friend With Their Sick Bird, Why Won't You Help Me?

A. In the past, we have been very free with our advice. Over time, we've come to realize that our advice was rarely followed, and if followed at all, was followed inconsistently at best. 

We've seen too many people misuse the advice we've offered by passing it on to others. When we give advice to one person, it does not mean it is the appropriate advice for someone else - even if the bird's symptoms are similar. Every bird is different. We tailor every suggested course of action to fit that bird's very specific needs. When we offer advice, it is never meant to be used for any other bird - even those in the same aviary. Therefore, to avoid misuse of our advice, we only assist our customers, and only under very specific circumstances.

Q. Why Do I Have To Be A Member To Read Your Articles?

A. In an effort to protect our intellectual property and how it is used, we now only allow access to our customers when they request membership. This will allow us to monitor access and prevent some of the abuses we've been seeing when folks misuse the information found here. For more information on this topic, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Q. Will You Offer Paid Access To Your Articles?

A. We currently have a Book series containing all of our articles. It will be available for purchase through our store soon. In the future, we will consider offering paid access to our site on an annual basis.


Q. How Do I Contact You?

A. Due to the hectic nature of our business and aviary, email is the best way to contact us and receive a response to your questions. Feel free to email us through the Contact Us link located in the bottom navigation bar. We answer all emails during business hours and as soon as humanly possible - usually within 24-48 hours.

Q. Where Can I Purchase The Products You Recommend?

A. Our products may be found on this site through the Shop link located in the navigation bars. You may also purchase our products at Fairs & Shows we are vending. To see where we'll be next, click the Events tab in the bottom navigation bar.

Q. Can I Pick My Order Up?

A. We do no allow onsite pickup of orders OR birds. The store is located on a private residence. We've found it best to keep business and personal spaces separate. Therefore, there is NO onsite pickup. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q. Do You Offer Sale Coupons And How Do I Get One?

A. Customers are eligible to receive sale notices with coupon codes when they purchase from our store. To receive 20% off your first purchase,  subscribe to our newsletter here. Be sure to save the coupon code found in the verification email.

In addition, sales and special purchases will be shared through emails and newsletters. We currently have no set schedule, but plan to send monthly newsletters with additional special notices from time to time. Sign up using the "Subscribe Now" links to receive them!

Q. I Don't Want To Use PayPal. What Are My Options?

A. We use PayPal and Stripe to process your payments. You are not required to have a PayPal account - to check out using PayPal processing only, scroll down to "Pay With Debit or Credit Card" when the payment selection window pops up. If you wish to avoid PayPal altogether, choose our Stripe payment option.



Articles, information, photographs & product descriptions included on this site & associated social media pages are shared from our personal collections & experience gained during our 20+ years of extensive research. Information found here should be used as reference material only. 

We cannot and will not diagnose your bird via internet or email. Doing so is not only unethical, it is dangerous. If you suspect your bird is sick or injured, get it to an Avian Veterinarian right away. Your quick action could save their lives.

We cannot help you with products you’ve purchased elsewhere. If you have questions about a product you purchased elsewhere, please contact the seller.

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