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Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. has a presence on several of your favorite Social Media outlets & venues. We often post photos and updates about our aviary and flock that you'll never see in our website articles. 

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To all our social media fans:  in an effort to bring you regular, useful, and informative posts, we have several administrators for our pages. Our admins add and/or schedule media when they find something worthy of sharing.  

Posts are also often "scheduled" to post at regular intervals. But this means there may be no one at the helm at the time of posting should you be looking to connect with us!

~The Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply staff


InfinitySN is a brand new social media platform currently in Beta Mode. It went live in April of 2018 so there are still a few bugs being worked out, but we are pleased and honored to be in on the testing phase as part of the "First Hundred"! 

Should you decide to join in this early phase, please be prepared for a few hiccups! It's a beautiful platform with a broad range of features not available to us on Facebook or the other platforms.  

We encourage you to set up an account. Once the bugs are worked out, it will be our only social media outlet. All other accounts will be deleted. We are currently posting on InfinitySN exclusively. We hope you'll come join us!


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