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Due to the misuse and abuse of our articles, we have instated a "MEMBERS ONLY" article access policy.   

Membership is limited to customers who have placed multiple online orders  or who have purchased from us at Fairs or Shows over the course of the last 365 days. Non-customers are allowed access at our discretion. The decision to allow or deny access is final.

To request membership, please send us an email via the CONTACT US link.  

Once verified, you will be added as a Member, at which point you will be sent an email with a login link. For now, it is CRITICAL that you  save the email with link.  If you delete or lose the link, the system will not CURRENTLY send you a new link unless we delete your membership and re-add you. We have, however, spoken to our hosting service. They will be updating the system soon to include a password protected login that will allow you to login at will.

We will make updates as the details of feature are available (see MEMBERS link in navigation bar at bottom of page for current updates).

For now, the login link remains active for 20 days. You remain logged in as long as you don't clear out your browser cookies.

NOTE: If your browser is set to clear cookies when you log off or shut down your computer, you will need that email link to access the site.  

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Copyright infringement & plagiarism will be dealt with harshly and charges pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

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If you use this website, please note all information is provided for your personal use and reference only - without warranty or the implication of warranty.

In no event will Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. be held responsible to any party for any direct, indirect, special, or other consequential damages by the instructions or products contained within this site, connected websites or social media venues.

Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. does not keep a certified Avian Veterinarian on staff and are not Veterinarians ourselves. You are responsible for consulting with your Avian Veterinarian before taking any actions based on information found here or linked to this or connected sites. Information posted to any of our social media pages, this website site, or YouTube channel is from our personal experience only and should not be taken as a means of healing a sick bird or caring for your bird without first discussing your options with an Avian Veterinarian.


Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. reserves the right to edit articles, change pricing, refuse service, or refuse to fill orders at will on any of our sites or pages, at any time. If payment has already been made for a refused service or order, a refund will be made for that service or order, posthaste.

When placing an order with Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc., or using the information contained with this and linked sites, you imply consent and understanding of these terms.


We currently offer only USPS Priority Mail shipping. However, within that option, we will always ship your order in the least expensive manner. We pack our shipping boxes with care, but get as much as we can in the smallest and least expensive box possible.

We do not currently ship outside the Continental USA.

We do not charge more than the actual shipping on your package and do not currently charge a handling fee.  

Because our shipping calculator can't play "Tetris" and choose the right sized box for your order, shipping prices in our shopping cart are "estimated" at retail value and typically a few dollars more than the actual shipping will be. As a business, we receive a small discount on shipping and will always pass that discount on to you.


If the shipping is less than estimated, we will always credit your payment option at the time of shipping - even if it is only a few pennies. A note will be written on the invoice enclosed with your order stating the amount that will be refunded. If you see a note on your invoice but do not see a credit for that amount or the "actual" total price on your credit card statement, please let us know ASAP.

Occasionally, because of the size or weight of an order (such as bulky items or seed), shipping may be slightly more than what is estimated. If shipping is more, we will send you an email invoice with the additional amount for your approval before shipping the item(s). We do NOT have access to your credit card information to merely add the additional shipping - and we’d like to keep it that way, for your safety and ours!



Due to the misuse of the "show pick up" shipping option, we have removed it entirely from our shipping system. Those wishing to place an order for show pick up will need to email Meadowlark Farms via the "Contact Us" form for instructions a minimum of one week prior to the event.

Because we don't always bring every product to every fair or show, we offer the Show Pick Up option for those who are local or who will attend the event and would like to avoid shipping charges.  You may pre-order any in-stock item in our store, whether we bring that item for general sale to the fair or show or not.


Orders utilizing this option must be prearranged. An email should be sent through our "Contact Us" form with the items you wish us to pack ahead of time for you. We will then send you a PayPal invoice for the items you've ordered. 

Orders for Show Pick Up MUST be paid before your order will be packed for pick up. There are no refunds on pre-paid items that have not been picked up at the show.


As a rule, orders received before 12pm EST Mon-Fri will be shipped the same business day. Orders received after 12 pm will often be shipped same day but usually the next business day.


Occasionally, due to store closure or other business matters, orders may take slightly longer to ship. However, in most cases orders are shipped almost immediately and no later than 48 business hours. Please be certain to review your order for errors before submitting!

Delivery confirmation is part of our shipping prices. When your order ships, you will receive a shipping notice with delivery confirmation number in an email from the USPS as well as a confirmation from our store. 

In most cases, orders within the continental USA will arrive to you in no more than 3 days. Occasionally there will be problems at the USPS that will prevent your order from arriving on time. We watch all shipping confirmations closely to be certain your package has been delivered in a timely manner and will contact you via email if there will be more than a 1 or 2 day delay.


We don't answer emails or ship on weekends or holidays because family time is too important. 

Like many other corporations, we give our employees weekends and holidays off. They work hard and have earned a well deserved break at the end of each week.

As stated below, emails are answered and orders are shipped on regular business days, Monday through Friday only.


We ship and answer emails Monday through Friday. 

We are closed all weekends as well as local and Federal holidays. 

While our site and store will be accessible, the store is "technically" closed when we attend fairs & shows. 

Orders placed while we are attending a fair or show are shipped after fairs & shows pending inventory availability. 

We typically announce fairs & shows on our social media pages and on our "Events" page.

Due to the hectic nature of our business and aviary, email is the best way to receive a response to your questions. Feel free to email us through our "Contact Us" links. 

We answer all emails during business hours and as soon as humanly possible - usually within 24-48 hours.



We DO NOT offer bulk order, breeder, or any other discounts. Our prices are as stated on our site. No further discounts will be given at any time. Please note - discounts may not be combined with any other offers.

Please take advantage of our periodic sales.  Sale prices will be honored on orders placed through midnight on the last day of the sale only. They will not be extended beyond that time.

Sale prices pertain to current inventory only and web store purchases only - they do not apply at fairs or shows unless specifically noted at that function. If inventory is exhausted on a sale item, the price will revert to the regular price once inventory is restored. 

We do not offer "rain checks" on sold out sale items. 

Products sold at fairs & shows are priced to include a 6% Michigan sales tax. Should you attend a fair or show in Michigan and purchase our products there, we will not remove that sales tax. When shopping in Michigan, you must pay any sales tax required. 


Wholesale pricing is available to legally registered US business entities only, and limited to our hand-mixed MLFAS, Inc. items. 

Should your business wish to purchase our hand-mixed items for retail sale in your own store, please contact us through our "Contact Us" link with your TIN/EIN, business name & address, owner’s name, and purchasing manager’s name. 

Price lists will not be released until all information has been confirmed. Once confirmed, a price list will be mailed to your business address.


We accept most major credit cards through the online store; credit cards and cash at fairs and shows. 

Due to an increase in check fraud, we no longer accept checks. We do NOT accept money orders, cashier's checks, EBT or Bridge cards. 

Credit card purchases at fairs and shows without photo identification are accepted at our discretion only - this is for both your protection and ours.

**All payments must be made in US dollars

Retailers are required to purchase in  minimum quantities as specified on our Wholesale Price Sheet - a PayPal Invoice will be issued once the order is received. Due to the rise in failure to pay, all retailer invoices must be paid before orders will be processed. 

There is no minimum order to general customers. Quantities to general customers are limited only by inventory availability.  

If you require more items than our cart will allow, please email to ask about availability. Again, there is no additional discount for bulk orders and sale prices are not extended on inventory replaced during a sale. 


If your credit card is declined by our shopping cart, it could be for one the following reasons:

  • Your available credit is not enough to cover the amount of the order.
  • The bank that has issued your credit card does not support the approval software allowing our shopping cart to verify your billing address and phone number. If this information cannot be verified, the card will always be declined.
  • You've purchased a gift card type credit card that does not allow online purchases or those that are outside the USA. Read the fine print on your purchased card for full details of use terms. We have no control over those terms.

Should your card be declined, you will be contacted via email to alert you to the situation. If we do not receive a response on how you'd like us to proceed within 24 hours, we will void the transaction. 

Once a transaction is voided, should you still wish to purchase product, a new order will need to be placed.


Please be certain to verify your shipping address before paying through PayPal. 

Orders are shipped to the address provided and cannot be retrieved once they have left our possession. Should the address you confirmed at ordering be incorrect, we will wait until the package is returned to us BEFORE a refund will be issued - SHIPPING CHARGES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

If instead of a refund you'd prefer the order be forwarded on to your correct address, new shipping charges will apply.  An invoice for those additional shipping charges will be sent to you via email and may be paid through PayPal. 

The order will not be forwarded until the new shipping charges have been paid.



If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to refund your money (less shipping) on any unopened medications, supplements and/or plastic items if returned within 10 days from the date of purchase. 

You may choose a store credit if that is what you'd prefer, but items must be returned within 10 days from date of purchase before a refund or credit will be issued.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately!  We will do everything we can to correct the situation!

Opened perishable product may not be returned at this time - please contact us if you have questions, comments, or for more information!

Refunds are sent in the manner in which you paid. This may be via email through PayPal (email address required), a refund to your credit card via our card processing account, or via company check (if paid in cash) once your returned items have arrived. 

We will notify you upon arrival of your return via email for your reference. 

We do not currently charge a restocking fee, but reserve the right to do so in the future.


Meadowlark Farms takes great pride in the birds we produce. Our lines are carefully cultivated to produce only genetically sound offspring.  

All of our birds are bred and fed for show which means they receive only the absolute best in care and nutrition.  

We produce QUALITY, not QUANTITY.  Because of this, we don't always have birds for sale and we don't always have all species, colors, or mutations available.

We are very particular about what we produce and will not push our hens beyond their limits. In addition, we don't cater to fads or trends, so while we do occasionally produce mutations, we prefer not to and limit the number produced here. 

  • There is no onsite pickup for birds or products
  • Bird sales are CASH ONLY - no credit  cards or checks
  • We do NOT keep a wait list or accept deposits for our birds
  • Our birds are  FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE and available at Fairs & Shows ONLY 
  • We will NOT hold birds 
  • We do not ship our birds
  • For personal & bio-security safety, we no longer allow visitors to the aviary. 

Should you be interested in purchasing our birds, please see our Birds for Sale link to see what we have available. 


Please be advised - we are not Avian Veterinarians and only offer insight from our personal experiences through our main website. Our primary goal, whether offering tips in our articles or teaching how to provide quality nutrition through supplementation, is EDUCATION.

We may only give information on the use of the products we sell. We only use what we sell, and sell what we use, therefore giving us the ability to thoroughly know and understand the products we sell. If we don't sell it, we can't explain it. 

If you have questions about a product you've purchased elsewhere, please contact the business you purchased from. Should you purchase a product we DO sell from another seller, please contact that seller for information regarding the product. We will not cover for a lack of information on the seller's part.

If you suspect your bird is sick, take it to your Avian Veterinarian immediately for diagnosis & treatment. We cannot and will not diagnose your bird via email, nor will we recommend medications.  We will not guess - guessing is irresponsible and unethical. There are far too many "others" out there doling out bad advice to those with sick birds. We will not add to that chaos. The wrong treatment can make matters worse or even kill your bird. Take your bird to your Veterinarian.


If you use this website, please note all product and information is provided for your personal use and reference only - without warranty or the implication of warranty.

In no event will Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. be held responsible to any party for any direct, indirect, special, or other consequential damages by the instructions or products contained within this site or connected websites.

Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. does not keep a certified Avian Veterinarian on staff and are not Veterinarians ourselves. You are responsible for consulting with your Avian Veterinarian before taking any actions based on information found here or linked to this or connected websites. 

Information posted to our store site, website, YouTube channel or any of our other social media pages is from our personal experience only and should not be taken as a means of healing a sick bird or caring for your bird without first discussing your options with an Avian Veterinarian. 

Utilizing recommendations from the internet, "group", or social media sources is always a bad idea. In many cases, misdiagnoses and improper medication can make matters worse or even kill your bird.

Use of this site implies consent and acceptance of our  terms & conditions. See PRIVACY POLICY below for more information.


Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. uses your personal information to process orders ONLY - this may include sending emails to confirm your order, update you on the current status of your order, or to confirm an order payment overage refund. Should  you sign up for our newsletter, your email will be used for that purpose as well.  

We will NEVER share your information with any other party without your permission. 

However, please be aware that our payment processing accounts may share your information. Be certain to read their privacy policies and opt out if you do not wish to be included in their marketing plans. 

In addition, our site uses cookies - a standard practice for internet entities - if you have cookies disabled and have problems placing your order, enable cookies temporarily and try again.


We thank you for choosing Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply for your bird care and cage accessory needs, and look forward to serving you!

Last update 9/20/2018



Articles, information, photographs & product descriptions included on this site & associated social media pages are shared from our personal collections & experience gained during our 20+ years of extensive research. Information found here should be used as reference material only. 

We cannot and will not diagnose your bird via internet or email. Doing so is not only unethical, it is dangerous. If you suspect your bird is sick or injured, get it to an Avian Veterinarian right away. Your quick action could save their lives.

We cannot help you with products you’ve purchased elsewhere. If you have questions about a product you purchased elsewhere, please contact the seller.

This site and all contents within are protected by Copyright Law. Unless otherwise specified, all research was conducted on site and is the intellectual property of Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc. Nothing found on this site or our social media pages may be used, downloaded, or reproduced without express written permission. 

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